Instructions for Custom Engraving Orders For Urns

Engraving is a unique and personalized way to memorialize your loved one on their urn. Please follow the instructions listed below if you would like your urn to be engraved.

In the "special instructions" section of the check-out page, enter the following information.

Use this link to learn about free custom engraving on the urn you buy from our online store

Engraving Placement on the Urn

On the product page, if the item is available to be engraved, it will specify engraving on urn, on plate, or on pendant. Please specify where you would like the engraving to be done. To find out more about the difference in placements, go to our click here.


Keepsake urns

For keepsake urns there is space for 10 characters on each of two lines of engraving.


Sept 10 22


Write the specific text that you would like to write on the urn in quotation marks. Ensure there are no spelling errors. 

Font choice

Optional engraving can be done in the fonts listed below. Please specify which font you would like.

Questions about urn engraving?

Email us at