Cremation Stones

Turn your loved one's ashes into beautiful memorial stones

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If you choose to hold on to your loved one's cremation ashes, they usually will remain in the urn you chose for years. For some people, however, they end up stored in a closet or a garage. For others they are displayed in a pride of place in a family member's home.  

One alternative that some people choose is to convert the ashes into beautiful and unique stones called cremation stones or memorial stones. Some people also call them solidified remains. 

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Introducing cremation memorial stones 

Cremation memorial stones are an alternative to keeping ashes in an urn. 
At Eirene, we have partnered with Parting Stone, a company that will convert your loved one's ashes into stones that are unique and beautiful. 

Since we are a Canadian company, we manage all of the logistics for Canadians that want this service and handle shipping from addresses in Canada to the production lab in the U.S. making the ash stones possible for you. (If you are from the U.S., or another country we can help you too.)

What do ash stones look like

Cremation ash stones look like smooth oval pebble like rocks. Each one is uniquely and naturally coloured and shaped. Cremation ashes come in a course powdered form after your loved one is cremated. They usually kept in an urn or scattered or buried. However using Parting Stone's unique process, the ashes are solidified and shaped into a grouping of beautiful stones that you can keep and display. 

Memorial stones

What are solidified remains?

Solidified remains are the result of a specially developed post-cremation process offering a more comfortable experience for living with remains. With this solidification service, instead of keeping a box or urn of ashes you can keep a collection of stone-like remains. Parting Stone™ solidified remains are the full amount of remains in a solid and clean form. 

What do the stones look like? Are they unique?

The process often returns white stones, or the memorial stones may have a hue of blue or green, or occasionally an unusual colour variation. The size of the ash stones in any given collection range from thumb-nail size up to palm-sized. The texture can also vary from batch to batch. Occasionally, a stone may crack or break during the process. All of these variabilities are natural to the process and are beautiful features of that particular individual’s remains. All stones are clean, polished, and allow for a tactile remembering experience.

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What can I do with my loved one's ash stones?

People that choose to solidify their loved one's ashes into stones can do a variety of things with them. Here are a few ideas:

What do cremation stones cost in Canada?

At Eirene, the solidified remains service we offer Canadian families is USD $995 plus shipping (which ranges from CAD$60 and up . Contact us for specifics at or fill out one of the forms on this page and we will contact you.

How do I ask a question or start the process?

Complete the form below or at the bottom of this page and a member of our customer support team will contact you to answer your questions and/or start the order process.

Email us to order to to get more information at

Are there any customer testimonials for this product?

Yes perhaps the best way to see one customer's experience is to view this video:

Can memorial stones be created from aquamation ashes?

Parting Stone does not currently offer solidified remains from aquamation ashes. However, the company says it is working on a process that will allow for this option. If you would like to be notified when the service is available for aquamation ashes, email us at or fill out one of the forms on this page.  

What happens if I do not like my solidified remains?

We are confident that the stones will meet your expectations, but if you are not satisfied, the lab will reprocess the solidified remains back into an ash-like powder and return it to you. Cremated remains can vary in composition and as a result, on rare occasions, solidified remains can not be created. In those cases, your remains will be returned to you in an ash-like powder form.

How do I ship my loved one’s cremated remains to the lab?

At Eirene we will coordinate all shipments of the remains to and from the stone creation lab. Contact our team for specfics using a form on this page or email us at Shipping charges are in the CAD$60 and up based on your Canadian address. If you fill out the form on this page we will contact you can we can provide you with exact shipping costs based on your address.

How much cremated remains is needed to make the stones?

The lab process transforms the full amount of your loved one’s cremated remains into stones. If you are not in possession of the full amount, or you have already scattered some of the ashes, that is okay. minimum of ¼ cup of cremated remains is required to successfully complete the process. It typically yields a 1:1 ratio of cremated remains to solidified remains by volume.

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How many memorial stones are created from an adults ashes?

From an adult's full cremated remains, 40-60 cremation stones are produced. Fewer stones will be produced if you only have some of the ashes or if the ashes are the cremated remains of a smaller person or a child.

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Are any of the cremated remains lost in the process?

It is our priority to maintain the full-amount of remains throughout the solidification process. Each set of remains performs slightly differently and our partner lab take uses a scientific approach to ensure the highest possible success rate and the most beautiful material. For this reason, the lab may test a small sample of your decedent’s remains before solidifying the full amount. The resulting test residue guides our process, but it is not returned. Additionally, there are parts of the process that may result in the loss of trace amounts of remains including but not limited to air-born dust during production or residue loss during polishing.

I see you serve Canadians to produce ash stones, will you also help Americans or people from other countries with this service?

Email us at and we will certainly work to coordinate the service for you no matter where you are located.

How do I start my order?

Simply fill out the form below (or use the email provided) and a member of our customer support team will contact you to coordinate payment, any documentation and to facilitate shipping.

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Can I email a question?

Yes send our team an email using or click here