Custom engraving for urns Q&A

Flat rate custom engraved urns

Eirene provides flat rate custom engraving for the urn that you purchase through our online store for $59 CAD.

How do I engrave my urn?

You will enter specific information on the "special instructions" section of the check-out page. 

Please follow these instructions:

Please follow the instructions listed below if you would like your urn to be engraved.

Engraving Placement on the Urn

1) On the product page, if the item is available to be engraved, it will specify engraving on urn, on plate, or on pendant.

2) Add the engraving option to your cart

3) Specify at checkout where you would like the engraving to be done. To find out more about the difference in placements, click here.


Keepsake urns
Keepsake urns have space for two lines of 10 characters each.


Write the specific text that you would like to write on the urn in quotation marks. Ensure there are no spelling errors. 

Font choice

Optional engraving can be done in the fonts listed below. Please specify which font you would like.

Questions about urn engraving?

Read on for more answers or if you don't see the info you need, email us at

More engraving questions answered:

Is there a charge for engraving?

We offer fat rate engraving services for $59 per urn.

What does "engraving on urn" mean?

This means that we engrave directly on the urn.

What does "engraving on plate" mean?

We engrave on a plate placed on the urn. If engraving on the plate, the urn is not crafted in a way that we can engrave directly on the product.

What does "engraving on pendant" mean?

This option allows you to personalize a vase style urn that can’t be engraved or a porcelain/glass urn. It’s a pendant that hangs around the neck of the urn.

What engraving fonts do you offer?

Optional engraving can be done in the fonts listed below.

How does engraving work?

You select your engraving preferences before adding the item to your cart, and we will order the engraving through our supplier. There will be a proof emailed prior to engraving the urn to ensure satisfaction.

Does it take longer to be engraved?

Our engraving is done extremely fast by our skilled engravers. Outside of confirmation of the proof, there are no additional wait times for engraved urns.

Why choose an engraved urn?

Engraving is a personal preference. Some families choose to engrave to add more personalization to the urn.

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