Pet Cremation Urns

pet cremation urnsIf you're looking for the perfect pet cremation urn, below we have gathered cremation urns that you can use for the ashes of your cremated pet, whether they be a cat, dog, or other loved creature.

How to choose a pet cremation urn

Scroll down to see the urn choices and pick the one you like. All the pet cremation urns listed here are of varying volumetric sizes from 1 cubic inch to 100 cubic inches. For large 100-150 lb dogs you might consider using a full-sized adult urn

To know what sized urn you need for your pet's ashes, simply use this calculation: 1 cubic inch of volume per lb of body weight + 10 cubic inches for larger animals so that there is enough room for variations.

Pet weight vs ash amount examples:

Some examples of matching your pet's mass to a suitable urn for their ashes:

  • A hamster, lizard, or other smaller creature under 1 lb of body mass would need a micro or mini urn with 1 or 2 cubic inches for their ashes.
  • A small pet that was 5 lbs in life would need an urn with a volume of 5-10 cubic inches.
  • Cats are generally 5 to 20 lbs in life so an urn with a volume of 10-20 cubic inches would be suitable.
  • A small dog under 25 lbs would need an urn in the 35 cubic inch range.
  • A medium-sized dog of 50 lbs would need an urn with a volume of 50-60 cubic inches or more.
  • A larger dog of 50 to 75 lbs would need an urn with a volume of 60 to 85 cubic inches.
  • A big dog of 100 lbs or larger would need an urn with 110-160 cubic inches.
  • A very large dog up to 150 lbs would need an urn of 160 cubic inches.
  • Note that most full-sized human urns are rated at 200 cubic inches and these urns would be sufficient for the ashes of a large dog.

Specialty urn types to consider for your pet's ashes

Some of our specialty urns are uniquely suited for your pet.

Keepsake urns: These urns are suited to holding 5 to 50 cubic inches of ashes. If you scatter some of the ashes and want to keep smaller amounts some of these smaller urns would be ideal for your pet. The larger keepsakes will have enough volume for a 50 lb pet.  Click here.

Tealight urns: These urns have a similar volume rating as keepsake urns. However, they have a built-in holder for a tealight candle so you can remember your pet in the warmth of candlelight. Click here.

Biodegradable urns: One of the most popular types of urn is a biodegradable urn. This kind of urn allows you to bury the urn containing ashes or commit it to a lake or river without worrying about leaving a trace. A biodegradable urn breaks down in the environment. 

Turn ashes into a tree: The Bios Urn is designed to be buried containing your pet's ashes. It has a spot for a tree seed and material that expands the soil. Over time it grows into a tree. Click here.